Critical Analysis: What if 9/11 Never Happened


The tragedy of 9/11 still brings people problems to this day. 9/11 has caused many changes to the world. One being the security to help reduce the chances of this occurring again. There are many other effects from 9/11, such as how people treat certain races in certain situations; the effect is also seen in how emotionally it leaves a hole and scars on people. 9/11 will always affect the world today in one way or another.

Many people ask an important question within the story, what if 9/11 never happened, we will try to answer this question. To begin, we have to talk about how and what is 9/11. The first plane that took off was at 8:46 AM from Boston, which was the plane that would eventually hit the north tower. Then the second plane took off at 9:03 AM and was the one that hit the south tower. The third plane hit the Pentagon at approximately 9:37 AM. The fourth plane was stopped by the passengers and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, which was predicted to hit the white house. At 9:59 am the south tower collapsed, and the north tower collapse 29 minutes later. Around 3,000 people died; it was about 2,750 people in New York, 184 at the Pentagon, and 40 in Pennsylvania; and all 19 terrorists died. There were more than 400 police officers and firefighters who died from trying to rescue. In September 2001, President Bush said that he wanted Osama bin Laden captured (dead or alive) and a $25 million bounty was eventually issued. On May 2, 2011, they found Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and Obama ordered a small team from the Navy Seals to shoot him. All of this shows the various impacts after 9/11.

This event caused a massive overhaul to airport security measures. To do this we need to know how many 9/11 jumpers survive. It used to be very laid back and as long as you have your passport and a plane ticket, you’re fine. But due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush put a new National Security Strategy to work in September 2002. An important question is also how many people died on 9/11. The UK did the same as well around the same time to protect themselves from the same issue. This strategy was to stop anything from happening before it was even a threat. “It will take years to tell whether the war in Iraq will actually reduce or increase the risk of terrorist attacks on the US, or have other impacts” (Stern). Even though it’s been sometime since 9/11 you still never know what’s coming and what else you can do to protect until it happens again. Which we would then have to go into further measurements of security and hopefully find a solution to prevent terrorism. This has all been working since then, but you still have to take the precautions


9/11 Still a Huge Impact on Many People

Causes them to be more precaucious in airports and other places where terrorism might occur. But as you may guess 9/11 can impact some more than others but oh often students just try to find out what year was the 9 11 attack.. For instance, “The closer you are to the attack, the more you feel it. The resource also links to works in the essays on 9 11. New Yorkers are reminded constantly by an altered skyline. The memory is closer to the surface for people in Washington, D.C., near where a plane hit the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, where the heroic efforts of passengers drove Flight 93 into a field instead of the White House” (Haugen). This quote is saying that yes 9/11 impacts everyone, but when you have emotion towards it, it’ll impact you more. But others are not as impacted because some weren’t alive when it happened or don’t know anyone who was involved. Yes, they would still acknowledge that it happened. But they mainly just think about 9/11 when it is september 11th or if they’re on a plane.

But compared to someone who lost a family member or friend in the crash they would be more affected. They would be grieving, remembering, and honoring them on the daily. Or if its a firefighter who works in New York. They could potentially have PTSD from the incident. They would also have lost colleagues/friends. And be honored to represent such a great firefighting force. The closer you are to 9/11 emotionally or physically the harder it hits home.

What Happened After 9/11

America isn’t the only country that has been affected by this. Due to the attacks america fought back right away and still has some things that are harming other countries in some type of way. Less than a month after 9/11, some U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to end al-Qaeda, which is the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attacks. Their plan was to remove the Taliban government that had kept this terrorist group. In March 2003, the United States invaded Iraq and had success by removing President Saddam Hussein, even though Hussein was not directly linked to the terrorist attacks. He was however suspected of producing weapons of mass destruction, none were found though. This invasion was a big part of George Bush’s new launch war on terror.

In 2002, the Bush Administration opened the “Guantanamo Bay detention center” in Cuba, where it sent suspected enemies. “There were more than 650 foreign inmates at the facility by 2003.”(Green). Many people who are just suspected of potential harm and have done nothing yet, that has been found are put in this detention center. This detention center was vowed to be shut down by Obama and it was never completely closed but there were only 41 inmates left in it. It was on its way to be closed for good because it was a violation of human rights. But now trump is wanting to open it up again and keep putting people in it. This could be saving America from future attacks, but it could also be taking the wrong people and ruining their lives forever.


In conclusion, 9/11 will forever have an impact. There are several ways that its affected today’s world and will keep on affecting it in the future. We recommend that you study 9 11 research paper topics. The biggest impact that came from the 9/11 attacks is the precautions america is now taking with our airplane security and more. We are as protected as we could get at this point in time and should feel safe in our country from now on out, it’ll only get more and more security.