What happened on 9/11: Impact on the American Society


Can you imagine waking up a morning and witness how an airplane destroy two skyscrapers, being ones of the most emblematic buildings of your city? Well, that happened on New York City eighteen years ago, the morning of September 11 of 2001 at exactly 8:46 am, when an American Flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center, the place uncharged of all the finances, and most important consider by their citizens as two of the most important edifications in the town. Find out what happened on 9/11 with real facts from the scene. At the beginning everybody thought it was just an accident, but this idea change when minutes later another plane, this time a United Flight 175, at 9:03 crashed into the south tower, this two fundamental towers were destroyed by an extremist group, called Al-Qaeda. The president George Bush was scared as all the nation, and declare a “War of Terror”. He emphasize who were the authors of this crime and began to looking for them to take the extremist group to jail. This terrible and crazy event was very shocking for US citizens, and for the world too but as a consequence of the attack, USA society suffer an important and drastic change, not only with Muslims, with all foreigners.

How many people survived on 9/11

One of the biggest change this society has, was the increase of discrimination for Muslims for person from middle east, because of the association of this people with the terrorism, the percentage of racism has increased since 1990, eleven years earlier of 9/11, in total existed approximately 3.500 citizens around the country that were part of racist organizations that continue existing until this time, also the word “Islamophobia” appears before 2001. What role did american deaths in 911 play. After 9/11 this situation turn bigger and discrimination against Muslims increase considerably. Also the FBI realized an study that show clearly how the crimes “ Anti-Muslims” had grew up really fast. The two years with highest levels of discrimination were 2001 ( the year of the terrorist attack) and 2015, of course this facts ae shocking because it let us see how until nowadays exist that hate and bad feeling toward Muslims. Not only middle east people were affected here, all foreigners began to receive more rejection to them, and the reason is simply, some citizens thought that they want to make something bad to their country, including drug traffic and other terrorist attacks. While it is true that not all American people support such a global issue as it is racism, associating Muslims with terrorist become very famous, at the point Hollywood began to use this in their movies, like “My name is Khan” or “American Sniper” in which the stereotypes are clearly evidenced.

9/11 Statistics

After a shocking event that leaves 2.753 dead people, including police officers, firefighters, doctors and the people that were inside the building, the government took very drastic decisions to improve the security of the United States, they increase the quantity of money destined for the protection of citizens ( USD 50.000 million dollars) and the president declare a war against terrorism. Also, many people ask how long ago did 9/11 happen. You can also find more detailed information in the 9 11 research paper outline. The armed forces acquire new guns and tanks to use them in case of an emergency, also they began to make constant controls to Muslims to check if they are not involved on illegal activity or are part of extremist groups but, also to the rest of foreigners the regulations and revision at borders became more strict, principally at the airports. All of this new measures that the government took, made that the levels of security increase a lot, so in other words, this work efficiently. Finally the most drastic change was the modifying of 40 requirements to build an skyscraper, which in certain way could prevent that occur an incident has the one of the World Trade Center. Taking in consideration all the actions the government of USA took, all of them were very useful and the most important this make the citizens to feel secure again.


In conclusion the american society suffer a really huge change since the 9/11, and is unbelievable how until 2019 we continue seeing racist actions against foreigners, of course I hope that this type of events never repeat, and the reason is that cause psychological damage to the citizens and promote racism but, I am sure that with the pass of the time people will analyze better this situation and realize that not all Muslims or foreigners are bad people, the majority only want to work and improve their lifestyles. To do this, you can read the essay about 911 attack. Although is difficult to eliminate racism, we have to try, we can make a big change, educating new generations to not commit the same mistakes we did, to create the world, our home a better place to live, a place where don’t matter your skin color or nationality, where the only aspect that is important is if your heart is good and pure or not. Let´s show everybody that the good ones are more, that we want to live in peace and on an educated and intelligent society. Our goals is to eliminate terrorism and racism, both are related, it is time to do something, to leave our kids a secure place, with no bad people. It is our change lets transform the world into a paradise, full of education, respectful people and no contamination.